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10 things clients with therapists knew – Their time is valuable

Think about the last time you went to see your doctor. You take time off work, drive to the doctor’s office, search for a parking place, take the elevator to the correct floor, find the right nameplate in the maze of hallways, enter the stuffy waiting room … and wait … and wait …  and wait. All the while checking your watch and wondering why your time is less valuable than your doctor’s.  Well, duh.  It isn’t.  At that moment in the stuffy waiting room, it’s obvious that your time is, in fact, QUITE valuable.  Tick tock, doc!!

It’s easy to forget that our clients are paying FOR our time and WITH their time

Now flip the scenario and think of it from your clients’ point of view.  As a clinician, you are no doubt aware that  clients are paying FOR your time.  It’s easy to forget, however, that they’re also paying WITH their time. Don’t take that investment lightly. Wait times should be short.  Sessions should be productive. Each client who sets foot in your office has paid a substantial price to be there.  Practice the golden rule. Value that investment as much as you value your own.

Your clients are paying FOR your time. They’re also paying WITH their time. Don’t take that investment lightly.

 Upping your game – a Lifeologie institute Core Values series –

Core value: comfortable client care

by Melanie Wells, LPC, LMFT

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