Don't let your worst enemy when opening a private practice be YOU

Don’t let your worst enemy when opening a private practice be YOU

Starting and opening a private practice in counseling can be a bit overwhelming and a tad intimidating. Don’t let your worst enemy when opening a private practice be YOU!

We here at the Lifeologie Institute Franchising want to help you out. Here are some things to remember as you jump in.

First and foremost you have to BELIEVE that you can and will succeed.


B: Believe you are a successful entrepreneur and therapist all-in-one.

After all if you don’t believe in yourself who else will? Believe that you are capable and that you are able to do this new endeavor.

E: Expect roadblocks 

Just be prepared for any and every roadblock to pop up. As long as you can expect it it won’t be a surprise when they come up. Starting a private practice is possible and doable but it’s impossible to think of every single detail.

Starting a counseling practice

Starting a Counseling Practice

Starting a counseling practice can be a daunting experience.

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I get clients?
  • Where should I put my office?

The questions are unending and the fear of the unknown is off the charts.

Well, guess what?  The good news is, we have figured it out for you!  We here at Lifeologie Institute and Lifeologie Franchising have taken the fear out of starting your own counseling practice!  Pretty exciting, huh?

When people think of starting a franchise they may not think of a therapy practice. That’s just another reason why we here at Lifeologie think outside of the box and are changing mental health therapy practices.

Think about it – if you are trying to give good therapy and you spend all of your time in the room with clients,

  • How can you really spend time on the back office needs of your business?
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