More Money, Fewer Problems - Costs Of Starting A Counseling Practice

More Money, Fewer Problems? Costs Of Starting A Counseling Practice

When starting a counseling practice, you have to ask yourself one question.  Would you rather spend time or money?  Beginning professionals who are starting a counseling practice usually answer this question with time.  If you were thinking the same thing, congratulations! You just made your first mistake as a business owner.

Don’t worry; this was how we first answered the question too!  And we did spend time… a lot of it.  What we didn’t realize was how much money that time was going to cost us! Let’s break it down…

Throughout her 23+ years as a counselor, Lifeologie’s founder, Melanie Wells travelled the country starting counseling practice after counseling practice.  Here’s what she learned:

It takes a minimum of two years to establish a successful counseling practice. Period.

 It’s not just about buying furniture and making sure you have enough Kleenex; creating a professional footprint takes time. 

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