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Owning a Lifeologie Private Practice Counseling Business

why would I buy a Lifeologie counseling franchise? I’m already in private practice!

why would I buy a Lifeologie franchise? I’m already in private practice!

Lucky you! You’re way ahead of the game. If you’re an established therapist, you already have a client base AND you understand the difficulty of running a business and caring for clients at the same time. The job descriptions are not exactly the same. A Lifeologie collaborative psychotherapy practice offers marketing support to help you get clients in the door, a collaborative model that will make your practice more fun, more profitable and offer better care for your clients. We also offer business support in the form of billing and accounting software, marketing systems, web design, and a national brand. And, of course, there’s the Lifeologie super cool factor.

but I like being in private practice! how is owning a Lifeologie collaborative practice different?

Great question, because we love private practice too! But after several years in private practice, it dawned on us that there are only so many hours in a day AND we wouldn’t be able to sell our time for the rest of our lives. Why not invest in a collaborative counseling practice business  that can provide more revenue than you can provide with your hourly rate alone? You’ll still be in private practice. Just not all by yourself.

I’m licensed but I’m not a clinical supervisor – can I still own a Lifeologie collaborative practice?

Sure! You can own a Lifeologie institute but you will need a licensed clinical supervisor to function as your clinical director. And we’ll recommend you get your supervision credentials as soon as you qualify. But, yeah, no worries.

I’m working on my clinical license, but I’d like to buy a Lifeologie counseling franchise now!

GREAT! We love your enthusiasm! Check your state’s regulations – in most states counselors need to be fully licensed to own a practice in which they also work. If that’s the case, rack up those hours and call us when you’re done!

do I need to be a therapist to own a Lifeologie institute franchise?

Nope. But you’ll need a GREAT clinical director and a great staff and we will teach you where to find them, how to hire them and then how to turn them into a world-class team! After that, you and your fabulous staff, with our ongoing assistance, will establish and run a collaborative psychotherapy practice with the highest clinical and ethical standards. So don’t worry – we’ll show you the ropes. That’s what we do.

why franchise a psychotherapy practice?

This is franchising with a purpose. We have plugged our business knowledge, clinical and training expertise and marketing experience into the franchising model to create a collaborative counseling practice that can be replicated and owned by you. That’s what franchising is. A ready-made, proven business model that allows for expansion of a GREAT idea and opportunities for success for people just like you.

where can I establish my Lifeologie institute?

Opportunities are available nationwide. Let us know where you live and practice and we’ll work with you to define a great territory that fits your goals.

how much does a Lifeologie counseling franchise cost?

Ah! The million dollar question.  Except it doesn’t involve a million dollars!  The cost to purchase a Lifeologie institue is $39,000. After that, we’ll walk you through the entire process step by step as you find a location, furnish the space, hire your staff and complete our training program … all the usual business stuff. Depending upon a number of factors, we estimate the total start-up cost to open a Lifeologie institute will range between $95,000 – $200,000. After you open, ongoing fees are 6% of gross revenue plus 1% of gross revenue for Lifeologie’s non-profit outreach – bethebug.org.

where am I going to get the money?

Most people don’t have a bunch of cash lying around. We get that so we have established relationships with lending sources who specialize in franchise purchases. They know the ropes. We can put you in touch and, if you qualify, they can take it from there!

what’s the next step?

Fill out the attached short form or call us at 214.357.4001. We’d love to visit with you!

Thanks for your interest in Lifeologie Collaborative Counseling franchising! Get Started Today!

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