What is needed to successfully market a brand new counseling practice?

And what is needed to keep those phones ringing with new clients?

These are questions that plague any prospective counseling practice owner. And honestly, we get it. Managing the marketing for your potential practice will require creating and maintaining an excellent website, learning and managing SEO, constantly coming up with new content, regularly posting engaging material on social media, running google ads, managing Google My Business accounts, initiating regular email campaigns… the list goes on.

Guess what: that whole list above makes a full time job. If you don’t do it, it invariably takes longer to get your practice off the ground. 

If you do it yourself, it’s exhausting and can be very frustrating.

How do we handle it?

At Lifeologie Franchising, we have taken all of those services listed above, and brought in an internal team of experts to execute all those tasks on your behalf. Our team creates your website for each franchise, and manages the website weekly – adding clinicians, adding blog content from your staff, managing our SEO and presence within search engines.

Meet Jake: our Website Manager extraordinaire!

Jake, Website Manager

Our team also creates custom graphics for you and your events (groups, webinars, open houses, etc). They are plugged into social media and are posted on your behalf, almost daily. They watch the performance of the different types of content to see what your audience prefers and engages with, and they post more of that. 

Meet Paris, the manager of all things graphic design:

Counseling franchise content creator
Paris, Content Manager

We also watch the metrics for your website and your social media platforms, helping you understand how they are performing. We provide monthly marketing calls where the owners gather to see overall performance numbers, as well as monthly 1:1 calls with each franchise to help guide them through any upcoming marketing opportunities or campaigns they’d like to run.

But wait! There’s more! 

We also offer guidance to our clinical directors and practice owners about tons of important components of marketing your practice:

  • Best practices in starting a group 
  • Blogging tips and tricks
  • Marketing video guidelines
  • Which clinician directory groups to belong to
  • How to get your practice established in your community as an expert in mental health

We come alongside our owners to ensure that they are getting what they need to build a successful practice, constantly evaluating what’s working and adjusting our approach to reach their goals.

To learn more about what we provide, download our Standard Marketing Services outline now