So you’re considering opening a private practice, but you’re hesitant about compliance issues.

You know about HIPAA, but you’re not sure exactly how it would impact a large group practice. Or if you are, you’re overwhelmed by the thought of keeping track of all the requirements:

  • Business Associate Agreements: who has to sign these?
  • Technology Use Agreements for staff.
  • Notice of privacy practices: where do I have to post those?
  • Omnibus Rule: what the…?
  • Releases of Information.
  • How to track information you’ve released.
  • Regular HIPAA trainings for all staff that you must provide.
  • What’s the HI TECH Law?
  • Do I have to hire a privacy officer? For real!?
  • What do I do if I think there’s a HIPAA breach!? *gasp*

And the list goes on. 

At Lifeologie, we spend countless hours each year learning about new HIPAA requirements and recommendations. We ensure that your practice and your website are compliant with federal and state laws.

We have created all of the forms you will need, both for your office and for your clients. We have developed policies and procedures to help you ensure that your office is compliant with all the requirements.

We regularly discuss ways to mitigate compliance risks on our monthly Operations call with all the franchise owners. During these calls we walk through all the mitigation steps, as well as how to address any HIPAA breaches if and when they do occur. For example, one of the subjects we recently reviewed was: 

  • How to tell if you need to report a HIPAA breach. 
  • How to report it? 

For a glimpse into our forms and procedures, check out our 4 Factor Breach Reporting Assessment handout.

Doing business in the world of HIPAA Privacy requirements can be daunting. But you can go at it with confidence when you’re supported by a network of other business owners who have been through all these same struggles, and when your franchisor provides all the tools required to be successful in this field!

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