Let’s start this up with a huge understatement: It’s a tough time to be a first responder. At Lifeologie, we know that the people who step up first to serve the community are the ones who end up absorbing the bulk of our community trauma. From police officers to firefighters to emergency medical responders and dispatchers… this group has a super unique skill set and work culture.

We are passionate about serving this community across our nation, and serving them well. This is why we are partnering with the First Responder Resiliency Program, to help train clinicians in the Lifeologie network.

This month, trainers came to teach clinical staff across our nation about the first responder culture. Our counselors learned everything from the culture of each specific responder group, how they feel about counseling, how to adjust our word choices to be more accessible to these folks, and how to best approach counseling with them.

first responder resiliency program meeting at lifeologie
Presentation for the Dallas Lifeologie office

In order for Lifeologie to maximize the benefit to our franchise locations, the training was held live in a hybrid format, so clinicians in the Dallas Fort Worth area could attend in person if they chose, and clinicians from across the nation could attend via teleconference. Our training is also available to all franchise locations and their staff via video.

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