What is the cost of a Lifeologie Counseling Franchise?

We firmly believe that buying a Lifeologie franchise will not only SAVE you money in the long run but it will launch your business exponentially faster than if you would have done it on your own.  

At $30,000 Lifeologie’s franchise fee is the lowest in the counseling industry — and well below cost in the franchise industry as a whole.


Additional Lifeologie Counseling franchise costs:

  • Start up Costs: You can expect your initial investment to range from $40,000 – $80,000, though we recommend you have more on hand. 
  • Monthly Royalty: Our royalty fees are the lowest in the industry.  We have a flat fee for the first three years so that you can calculate to the penny what your overhead will be.  Starting royalty rate is $250/month. You’re welcome! 
  • Marketing Mojo – We don’t want you spending a bunch of money playing the dart-board marketing game.  We have PAID the wrong people in the past and just watched money float away in the ether with no return on investment.  This is why we brought our marketing in-house. Instead of spending $4-6K a month (recommended by others in the industry), your marketing costs cap at $2000/month unless you choose to spend more on local marketing.

Ongoing Costs to Running your Counseling Franchise:

You should also plan for the normal expenses of running a business.

  • Rent 
  • Furnishings
  • Computers and office gear
  • Client comfort items: Kleenex, healthy snacks, Dr. Pepper
  • Office supplies
  • Practice management software (pre-approved by Lifeologie) 
  • Insurance

Estimated ongoing costs vary greatly, depending on how big your space is, what rental rates look like in your corner of the world, how much you spend per square foot on furnishings (thought we’ve got this down to a science!) and several other factors. 

The Lifeologie Counseling franchising team is HERE for you to help you figure out how BEST to spend your dollars so that your Lifeologie franchise gets the most bang for the buck!

Lifeologie Counseling franchise opportunity

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