Jacob Dickerson

Website Manager

Jacob (or Jake) Dickerson started with Lifeologie in 2021 as the Website Manager. Originally from Odessa Texas, Jake moved to the DFW area in 2004 and has been in the area ever since. Jake attended the University of Texas at Arlington and received a degree in Communication Technology, which focused on how to bring the core concepts and philosophies of communication theory into the web-2.0 world. 

As someone who is both a technical AND creative person, website work is Jake’s idea of a match made in heaven. Jake says: “The website world is very nuts-and-bolts ones-and-zeroes but requires creativity and innovation to make a dynamic and relevant website in the ever-changing landscape of the internet.” Yeah. We told you. 

Jake worked in website support for a major railroad before arriving at Lifeologie, and he is the guy who keeps the trains running on the Lifeologie websites (pardon the pun). 

Jake has played drums for over ten years in various local DFW bands, so you may find him out there gigging on the weekends in various local bars and venues. Managing websites and drumming have a lot in common: you hold down the foundation while listening and reacting to what the other players are presenting you. He also loves movies (Big Lebowski is my favorite), video games, and music (anything with good drumming).