Katie Zuverink

Director of Operations

Katie has been connected with Lifeologie for more than a decade. Having started as a student intern in the Dallas office, Katie fell in love with the culture of the practice and the values of the team. “We were all about excellent client care, which meant we got amazing supervision in a super fun, quirky, creative work setting.” 

After a few years soaking up the Lifeologie way of doing things, Katie transplanted to Grand Rapids, MI. Everywhere she worked, she tried to replicate the Lifeologie culture: incredible clinical work and great coworker relationships in a fun work setting. She quickly found that this way of “doing” mental health work is unique and that if she wanted to have a Lifeologie vibe, she’d have to just open a Lifeologie. 

Katie spearheaded the opening of the Grand Rapids, MI location of Lifeologie, and is still a co-owner there. After helping to build a thriving practice in Michigan, she was recruited back down to Dallas to come aboard the team at HQ. 

“I’m honestly driven to expand our way of providing mental health care across the country. I love what we do and what we provide our clients and our teams at each location. I love helping business owners become successful.”