Paris Bradford

Lead Graphic Design

On one hand, some would say that Paris is a master content specialist with a knack for coming up with thought-provoking copy. On the other hand, some would call her an all-around, picassoesque creative genius who churns out eye-catching graphics like butter – both would be correct. Hailing from the holy mecca, Orange County, California, our sun-kissed beauty left the oceanside life behind and moved to Keller, Texas at the age of 10. Fast forward through the throes of puberty and teenage awkwardness, she was able to discover her passion for creativity after joining the Public Relations Committee for the Black Student Association at The University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner). Through working with the association, she started creating event flyers, sans templates, becoming somewhat of a self-taught graphic designer.  

Armed with a degree in Public Relations and a doe-eyed willingness to take on any job that would allow her to put her tens-of-thousands-of-dollars degree to good use, Paris set her eyes on Los Angeles. After several grueling months of applying for jobs that seemed less like a creative’s dream and more like a minimum-wage wasteland where all creatives go to die, she called it quits and moved back to Texas.

Shortly after moving, she was scooped up by a local fitness company that had set out to provide group fitness classes to retired active adults in the residential apartment space. Through hard work and flexing some creative leeway, Paris was able to move up the ranks to become the Creative Director within a matter of weeks. She spent three wonderful years working for a brand that fused passion with purpose and has landed herself with another company that has that same spark for creativity, passion, and purpose – Lifeologie (duh).

In her spare time, you can catch her writing poetry, watching gory horror movies in the dark (umm…), chowing down on sushi, tactfully beating all of her friends in Uno, sipping on margaritas (sugar on rim), and obsessively online shopping to buy clothes she doesn’t need.