Starting a Counseling Practice

It’s a tricky thing, starting a counseling practice.

It’s even trickier to make a private practice successful.

Many of us became therapists because we want to help people.  We tackle challenging graduate degree programs and endure years of licensing requirements before we are able, at last, to practice on our own! That’s a huge investment.  Years in the making.  Naturally many of us want to make that investment and start a private counseling practice! Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the first clue how to make sure that private practice is successful.

Three keys to starting a successful counseling private practice

Here are a few keys to starting a successful private practice in counseling.

Stick to what you know

One pitfall of private practice is that the temptation is GREAT to see clients you’re not qualified to see in order to pay the bills.  Stick to your clinical specialty and consult, consult, consult on any cases even slightly out of your comfort zone!  Refer those cases OUT if it’s best for the client that you do so.  To be successful, a private practice clinician will need to build a solid base of colleagues right out of the gate.

Stick to what you know

I know – we just said that, right?  A successful private counseling practice will require business skills, in addition to clinical skills.  Do you know which corporate structure to use? Do you know how to protect yourself against liability by having proper forms and HIPAA procedures? Do you know how to run an office? What billing system to use? How to keep the books? Whether or not to accept insurance? How much you should budget for office supplies, rent, and marketing? Probably not.  Most of us are working without an MBA, right?  So… stick to what you know (you’re a clinician, not a business person) and be willing to HIRE people to do things you’re not good at.  It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Stick to what you know

Third time’s a charm.  A successful private practice will always revolve around the PEOPLE.  If you’re a therapist, you know how to connect with people and how to look after them.  We can show you how to profit from doing what you love! Look after your clients and your staff.  Both are invaluable assets and are absolutely necessary for success in private practice!


Feeling overwhelmed?  We can help you stick with what you know!

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