Why go with a counseling franchise?

It’s time for a change in counseling

At Lifeologie we are redefining what it means to be in private practice.  Why? Because it NEEDS redefining.

The therapy business — particularly the private practice — is stuck in the 1980’s. Our clinical training is underdeveloped and insufficient. Support for clinicians is non-existent.  Our field is saturated with under-trained clinicians who have no experience running a business.

Insurance companies pay clinicians less to work more.  Insurance-dependent practices cannot support owners or clinicians. It’s a formula for burnout. Clinicians are underpaid and frustrated. 

Another unanticipated and often forgotten side-effect of this outdated business model is that when you take down your shingle at the end of your career  all your work evaporates. Poof. Gone. Like it never happened. You have no asset to sell at the end.

We are building a revolution

In what other field can you spend 30 years building a business and have NO MONETARY ASSET to sell at the end??

Lifeologie franchising offers a unique opportunity to remake the private practice into a profitable business entity that supports clinicians AND clients in a uniquely effective way.  

Lifeologie has completely transformed both the client experience and the clinician experience — with a revolutionary business and training model that’s designed to promote optimal client care, produce organic business growth, and support a well-trained and well-paid staff.  AND to provide you, the owner, with a salable asset – an asset you DESERVE after a long and successful career doing the work you love.

If you want to build a solid practice where clients and clinicians thrive and establish a valuable business asset, a Lifeologie franchise is for you!

Lifeologie Counseling franchise opportunity

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