Why start a counseling franchise

Why start a therapy franchise?

Want to stand out?  Want to succeed while changing the game?  Lifeologie institute franchising is a game-changer. We have plugged our business knowledge, clinical and training expertise, and marketing experience into the psychotherapy franchising model – to create a proven  psychotherapy practice business that can be replicated and owned by you. That’s what franchising is. A test-driven business model that allows for expansion of a GREAT idea AND offers opportunities for success for people just like you.

But brains aren’t burgers

Yeah, we know. Purchasing a Lifeologie Institute collaborative counseling practice isn’t like buying a McDonald’s franchise. For one thing, it’s WAY cheaper to start a Lifeologie Institute! And … let’s just be honest. By starting a Lifeologie collaborative counseling franchise, you change the world, one session at a time. No one ever says that about burgers. Ever.

Private practice is lonely

Yeah, we know. That’s why Lifeologie created a collaborative clinical and training model that not only offers your clients optimal clinical care but makes it FUN TO GO TO WORK! Every day! It’s that cool! The community of a Lifeologie collaborative psychology practice is why we get out of bed every day. That and the coffee. must… have… coffee…

You can’t sell your time forever

Yeah, we know.  Counselors are stuck on the hourly-rate hamster wheel that leaves them with no equity in a business they’ve spent years, sometimes decades building.  (Can you say NUTS??) Owning a collaborative psychotherapy private practice allows you to practice your dream profession while creating a sustainable, saleable ASSET – not just an hourly rate practice.  You can build a business, not just a practice!

Developing a network of professionals is tricky, takes time

Yeah, we know. The Lifeologie institute is built on the foundational concept of collaboration. Not only do we collaborate within each Lifeologie  collaborative counseling practice, but you will be able to reach out to any Lifeologist anywhere and draw on the expertise of the whole team. It’s a ready-made network for you and your clients.

Counselors burn out

Yeah, we know. See above for collaborative antidote to burnout. Practicing alone = fried. Practicing in a Lifeologie collaborative practice = fortified.

Counselors have a hard time finding clients

Yeah, we know. That’s why Lifeologie has developed a marketing system for counselors to help you get clients in the door and keep them coming until they don’t need you anymore. (If you keep them AFTER they stop needing you, that’s unethical. That’s on you.)

Counseling websites all look the same — they’re all boring and I don’t know how to make one anyway

Yeah, we know. That’s why a Lifeologie website is zippy AND fun AND full of useful information. We’ll put it together for you and help you customize it. We’re putting the fun back in dysfunctional! Baby pictures! Check out the baby pictures!

Counselors don’t have MBA’s

Yeah, we know. That’s where we come in. We’ve spent 15 years developing a psychology business model that works. We’re counselors who know how to run a collaborative therapy practice that YOU can own. So we borrowed the franchise business model and packaged  Lifeologie’s collaborative counseling practice so that you can own one! Business in a Box – yeah, that’s us.

Counselors don’t have a ton of cash

Yeah, we know. Most therapists don’t go into the biz of counseling for the money. In fact, most counselors aren’t too great at making money. So… if we’re going to help you make money doing what you love, how do you afford to buy into the fabulosity of Lifeologie? Yep –  we can help you with that.

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