Starting and opening a private practice in counseling can be a bit overwhelming and a tad intimidating. Don’t let your worst enemy when opening a private practice be YOU!

We here at the Lifeologie Institute Franchising want to help you out. Here are some things to remember as you jump in.

First and foremost you have to BELIEVE that you can and will succeed.


B: Believe you are a successful entrepreneur and therapist all-in-one.

After all if you don’t believe in yourself who else will? Believe that you are capable and that you are able to do this new endeavor.

E: Expect roadblocks 

Just be prepared for any and every roadblock to pop up. As long as you can expect it it won’t be a surprise when they come up. Starting a private practice is possible and doable but it’s impossible to think of every single detail. When you expect something you were not surprise when it happens and it will not knock you down. So just take each roadblock one at a time and blow through them because you are making this happen? Roadblocks should not be debilitating only frustrating and annoying

L: Love the process along the way. 

There will be so many stages when you are creating your own practice remember to love what you were doing in every phase. You cannot start out where you want to become so be in the moment and try to love every step as you are finally taking that leap of faith and creating the life you want and deserve. Live as if you have already made it

Once you have the ball rolling and are putting your practice together… live as if it has already happened. Just believe you are a successful owner of a private practice. When you walk around, when you talk to people speak it as if it is already happening. Believe that you were making it happen and then live it as if it is already in the making and has come to fruition.

I: Invent and reinvent yourself.

Once you have your practice up and running you will constantly have to invent that yourself. Keep up with social media as it will constantly evolve as technology is evolving.

E: Envision and create is exactly what you will become.

Envision it – think about – it create it. When opening a private practice imagine that it is possible and then watch it develop. When you speak it, when you think it and when you envision it – it is as if it already is.

V: Value  

Remember what you are doing has a value. Here at Lifeologie we know the value of good therapists – believe in the value of YOU.

E:  Every Single day remind yourself that you can do this and believe that you are going to make it happen.

When opening a private practice, you have to work at it every single day and every single day you are closer to making it happen.

As you are opening a private practice, remember you are your worst enemy or you can be your biggest advocate. Just remember to believe it and it will become.

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