What you get with a Lifeologie Counseling Franchise

A proven business model and established brand

Lifeologie opened its first office (then known as Lifeworks Counseling) in 1999, with the crazy idea that superior training and relentless collaboration would result not only in optimal client care but a profitable business that grows organically over time. Guess what? We were right! 20 years on we have provided optimal client care to tens of thousands of families! And now we are sharing the love through Lifeologie franchising! 

Lifeologie's world-class collaborative training model

Lifeologie’s training model is second to none. We have spent the last 20 years perfecting our clinical training methods. Why is this important? Because superior training yields superior clinicians. And superior clinicians offer optimal client care. And optimal client care yields happy clients. And happy clients not only stick around, they gladly pay clinicians what they’re worth, and they send their friends and family your way too! Our unique training model is foundational to everything we do! 

Unique collaborative clinical model

Our unique collaborative model creates a culture where both clients and clinicians thrive. Our clinicians happily work as a team for each case that walks in the door. We do not compete with one another for cases. Instead, we collaborate with one another 100% of the time with optimal client care as our only goal. And guess what? It works! Not only do Lifeologie clients get a bunch of heads for the price of one, but Lifeologie clinicians are lucky enough to work as part of a world-class team and they take home a nice fat paycheck at the end of the month. Our collaborative model makes this all happen!

lifeologie success training

We see our Lifeologie Success Training course as just one step in a long and productive relationship. Sure, we’ll have you drinking out of the firehose for a few days. But we are committed to hand-holding you every step of the way. And it doesn’t stop there. For your entire career as a Lifeologie franchisee, we will be there for you! If you’re stuck, pick up the phone! We are here to work with you and we will figure it out together! Training, mentoring, coaching - we do it all.

Ongoing business coaching

You read that right. Our in-house support team works with you to cover every single thing, step by step, so that you can successfully launch your Lifeologie franchise! Need help? All you need to do is call.

Business infrastructure - forms, procedures and all the things

One of those things no one thinks about when they start a practice is the zillion pieces of paper with words on them that are required to run a business. Think about it. Every single form has to be created by someone. Every procedure. Every process. Every policy. Contracts. Hiring and HR processes. How do you write an employee manual? How do you establish safety procedures? We've got you covered.


Office layout and design is an integral part of our brand. We will help you get this right! We will help you find the best office space for your Lifeologie, and consider length of lease, build-out costs, even which lease type is preferable – gross vs triple net. And don’t even get us started on parking. Everything is negotiable!

In-house marketing machine

Our fantastic in-house marketing team will create and implement a marketing strategy to help your Lifeologie franchise take root and grow. We will build and customize your Lifeologie website, manage and update it regularly, optimize optimize and optimize, develop social media strategies, produce all your creative (flyers, brochures, postcards), and help with tricky things like video production.

Protected Territory

When you buy a Lifeologie franchise, we make sure your territory is your territory. Our franchises do not compete with one another, we help each other grow. We will work together to find the perfect territory for your location.