When starting a counseling practice, you have to ask yourself one question.  Would you rather spend time or money?  Beginning professionals who are starting a counseling practice usually answer this question with time.  If you were thinking the same thing, congratulations! You just made your first mistake as a business owner.

Don’t worry; this was how we first answered the question too!  And we did spend time… a lot of it.  What we didn’t realize was how much money that time was going to cost us! Let’s break it down…

Throughout her 23+ years as a counselor, Lifeologie’s founder, Melanie Wells travelled the country starting counseling practice after counseling practice.  Here’s what she learned:

It takes a minimum of two years to establish a successful counseling practice. Period.

 It’s not just about buying furniture and making sure you have enough Kleenex; creating a professional footprint takes time.  From searching for and leasing the perfect office space– to developing your own website– to establishing local contacts and reliable referral sources– to building a self-sustaining client base, PLUS dealing with all the marketing and back office tasks… trust me, this is just the tip of the ice berg.  And you’re doing it all ALONE.

Most therapists make this classic mistake when starting a counseling practice.  Rather than spending money upfront to assist in marketing and setting up their practice, they decide to spend their individual time.  The result… they have no time left for themselves.  Those of us in the counseling profession understand better than anyone how problematic this could be.

No time for self care = Burnout

Burnout = Poor client care

Not only is this extremely detrimental to your clients, but it can also cause your business to crash and burn.  In other words, that time you are spending is costing you money.  Not to mention your sanity…  Bottom line, spending a little extra money up front, in the right places, will lead to a faster growing, more lucrative business.

But how much money should you spend?  And where should you spend it?  These can be tough questions to answer when starting a counseling practice, because let’s be honest… most therapists are bad business owners.  And who could blame us?!  We don’t have business degrees.  We want to help people and change the world!  Lucky for you, Lifeologie is here to help!

We spent the time so you don’t have to. 

We’ve made every mistake in the book so you don’t have to.

Trust us, when it comes to starting a counseling practice, we’ve been there, done that a million times over.  Work with us.  You’ll love what you do and have a successful business in half the time!  So now the question is…

If we can help you get the money and teach you how to use it,  would you still sacrifice your time?

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Written by: Brittany Stilwell, MS, Clinical Psychology, Lifeologie Institute Franchising